Xander Riga

I am a software developer based in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.

Projects & Experience

Juul Labs

• Developed a purchasing and device-usage rules system in Java and Spring that enforces government regulations worldwide for hundreds of thousands of monthly active users • Supported Ruby on Rails development of logistics system including: • Designed and implemented system integration between ecommerce, logistics, and Royal Mail to track tens of thousands of shipments per month • Improved age-verification system in order to prevent underage product purchases without impacting adult user experience • Redesigned ecommerce orders API for logistics system in which scaled to fifty thousand orders per month


This is a project I created after being inspired by Spotify's "Year in Review". I loved being able to see data about how I listen to music and want to see that kind of data year round. This website tracks what every user is listening to and shows some graphs and charts about that data that updates as they listen. It also allows users to get personalized recommendations based on artists of their choosing and some customization sliders which the user can then save as a playlist directly into their Spotify account. Sign up today to see your data!

iRacing Discord Bot

This bot allows you to view your own up to date statistics, view the statistics of your friends, and put them all on the same tables and charts to decide who is the best racer, all within your own Discord channel!

Forest Technology Systems (Back-end)

I wrote production server-side software on a Linux IoT weather station embedded system using Javascript/Node.js. This involved working directly with hardware events to manipulate various device camera sensors to capture photos and videos. My code required a high level of reliability and robustness as the devices were deployed to remote, unmanned locations (forests) with low bandwidth, high cost internet (satellites).

Forest Technology Systems (Mobile App)

I was responsible for client-side development of a cross-platform mobile application using Typescript, Angular, and Ionic. In this role, I led the project to redesign the entire login and authentication platform, simplifying development and product validation, resulting in a more secure end-user experience. I also developed numerous other features including a UI for a camera-based weather station. The application is deployed across Android and iOS and is designed to communicate with weather stations over Bluetooth low energy and Wi-Fi, and is used by tens of thousands of end-users for configuration and maintenance.

Milky Way(Mobile Game)

I published a successful mobile game to the Google Play Android and Microsoft Windows Phone mobile stores. Built using C#, Unity, and Visual Studio the game has been downloaded tens of thousands of times and maintains a high rating. I updated the game weekly and explored gaming topics such as physics, user interaction, graphics, interface design, and analytics.

Usurf.co (Co-founder & Developer)

My partner and I designed and launched a web-based photography business. The site was built using WordPress, requiring a deep understanding of PHP, HTML, CSS and JavaScript. My system integrates the requirements of customers (front-end sales, payments and fulfillment), photographers (photo uploads and commission payments) and business managers (monitoring, administration and auditing).

UVic Bookstore (Full-Stack Web Developer)

I was the lead developer for the University of Victoria Bookstore ecommerce website. This required extensive coding in PHP using Symfony, Twig, and Doctrine frameworks as well as MySQL, Javascript, HTML, and CSS. I worked closely with non-technical end-users to understand their requirements and develop new features to address those requirements. I refactored a significant portion of the legacy codebase to a modern framework.